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1798 - Birth

1824 - History of the human race

1824 - Dialogue between Hercules and Atlas

1824 - Dialogue between Fashion and Death

1824 - Prize announced by the Academy of Sillographs

1824 - Dialogue between a goblin and a gnome

1824 - Dialogue between Malumbro and Farfarello

1824 - Dialogue between Nature and a soul

1824 - Dialogue between the Earth and the Moon

1824 - The wager of Prometheus

1824 - Dialogue between a Physicist and a Metaphysician

1824 - Dialogo between Tasso and his familiar spirit

1824 - Dialogo between Nature and a Icelander

1824 - Dialogue between Timandro and Eleandro

1824 - Parini on Glory

1824 - Dialogue between Ruysch and his mummies

1824 - Remarkable sayings of Philip Ottonieri

1824 - Dialogue between Columbus and Pietro Gutierrez

1824 - Panegyric of Birds

1824 - The song of the wild cock

1827 - Copernicus

1827 - Dialogue between Plotinus and Porphyries

1832 - Dialogue between an Almanac seller and a Passer

1832 - Dialogue between Tristano and a Friend

1837 - Death




Alphabetical index of authors



Other authors of the XIX century:

    Luigi Capuana

    Giosue Carducci

    Carlo Collodi

    Edmondo De Amicis

    Francesco De Sanctis

    Ugo Foscolo

    Alessandro Manzoni

    Giovanni Pascoli

    Giovanni Verga



Authors of the XX century:

    Gabriele D'Annunzio

    Grazia Deledda

    Luigi Pirandello

    Italo Svevo


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theater, love and death, the songs here in chronological order, was born and lived in Naples and Recanati

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